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With our broad low-voltage line of services, we service both commericial as well as residential customers. Baytel carries a C-7 license with the state of California and can wire existing and new buildings quickly and efficiently. Our typical rate is $85 per run which includes time and material. The more runs you need, the lower the rate would be per run. For a more exact estimate on your current projects, please contact us.

Voice/Phone- Inside Wiring

Single runs or multiple runs, Baytel can prewire new buildings. If your company is in need of a phone system or is looking to upgrade to a robust phone system, we at Baytel can find a system that will fit your requirements. We have a close relationship with AT&T and can coordinate an activation date that is convenient for any hectic schedule.

Below is a list of phone systems that we have supported but we can support other systems as well.

  • Bizfon

  • Lucent Partner ACS

  • NEC

  • Panasonic


We wire office suites for computer networks. From building the network closet to setting up servers to bring in Internet connection our knowledgeable tech can have your network up and running before your staff moves in.


We offer various video system. Starter packages inclue a four color camera system and a control unit that records 72 hours of video. We also install building access system.

Home Theatre Entertainment

As large flatscreen televisions become the norm, customers demand a simple solution to link together their components. We can install low-voltage tubes in new buildings allowing the end- user to run wires in the future. Also we can install a custom home theater entertainment entertainment center, from setting up in-wall speakers to plasma screens.