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Database Development

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Rider Track

Quick daily riders list

Shuttle Track

Appointment scheduling and invoice for shuttling companies

Dental Clinic

Complete dental tracking/appointment database

It can be a challenge to extract and consolidate data for business analysis. We are experienced in database management and design, data cleaning and analysis.

Database Design
Having the right database can keep you organized and save time in the long run. We develop custom databases that are designed to fit individual business needs and specifications. Experience with designing small and large databases for internal use or on the internet.

Database Management
Having difficulty maintaining a large volume of data? Is your data stored in many different programs and platforms? Baytel can organize and manage your databases. We have experience working with large volumes of data and in variety of languages.

Data Cleaning
Let us organize your data. Baytel can extract, clean, and organize information to remove common errors and make the data more useful to you.

Data Analysis
Are you having a difficult time making your data work for you? Do you have data and questions but need answers? We can take your data and perform custom analysis and reports.


Web based databases, data migration, VB, C++, MySQL, MS SQL...