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Network Management

Our networking services include network installation, wiring, wireless, server installation and security.

Network wiring

We are experienced in installing ports for data and voice. Wireless connection is the latest trend. More and more companies are asking to have Wifi implemented in their offices. We can help examine the different options that are available in today's market, and help clients decide what best fits their needs.

Baytel has capability installing, analyzing, and servicing all types of networks, such as:

• Windows
• Apple
• Linux
• Unix
• Novell
• Peer-to-peer


Installation and configuration experience for commercial and residential customers. Data Center and NOC installations. We also provide VPN solutions should your company needs to access your computers remotely.


We are adept at crafting wireless solutions for laptops, cyber cafes, and ad hoc networks. To make sure you are secured against strangers stealing your internet, we implement encrypted network key security. We're also able to monitor your network remotely.