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Wired Internet Access
Be ready for the increasing demand for wifi. Most new office buildings and apartment complexes are prewired to provide internet access throughout the facility.
A great way to add value to office suites for property management and developers is by offering wireless internet. Baytel not only implements the network, we also maintain it, even after the installation period.

Current residents, it is important that you register your account with us or will be locked out of our network click here.

Buildings we currently provide internet access:

  • 430 D Street, Davis

  • 719 Second Street, Davis

  • 803 Second Street, Davis

  • 140 B Street, Davis

Wireless Internet Access

Wi-Fi is in demand!!

Due to an overwhelming demand for affordable internet access Baytel is working hard to connect everyone to the internet. In forming partnerships with apartment complexes and property management our team is working diligently to get the service to you.

Ask your apt manager if you do not have this service in your apartment complex yet.

Below is a list of active/pending wireless sites. Unless stated, all sites are private networks.

  • 217 2nd st, Davis active

  • Aspen Terrace,1443 Wake Forest Dr, Davis active

  • 5th Avenue Place, 500 Poleline, Davis active

  • 140 B Street, Davis active

  • 224 A Street, Davis active

  • 1930 Sycamore Lane, Davis active

  • 805 E 8th St., Davis active

  • 803 Second St, Davis active

  • 750 B Street, Davis pending

  • 726 Adams Street, Davis pending

How to get on board

1) Tenants of the above addresses would need to purchase a wireless card/adapter if you don't have one already. Customers can purchase the cards through us. Price range from $65-90. We recommend the Linksys, Netgear, or D-Link brand since they are the easiest to install.

2) Activate the card by registering on-line or calling us with the below information

    Address & Unit number
    Phone number
    E-mail address
    Mac address The Mac address is located on the back of your wireless card. (example 00-02-CD-CB-00-03)

3) Once your card is activated you connect to the appropriate Baytel-???? Wi-Fi network.

If you need assistance in installing your wireless adapter, Baytel charge a fee of $50 to set-up the adapter in your computer.

Proper Internet Etiquette:
Because this is a shared network and is provided for you free of cost, we ask that you

  • Do not share any files/folders to the internet public.
  • Turn off your wireless internet when not in use.
  • Do not download copyright files (music & software).
We reserve the right to disconnect any tenants should we conclude that there was improper use of the wi-fi network.

How to Protect Your Computer

  • Turn off file sharing

  • Update your anti-virus, and anti-spyware software

  • Update your Windows operating system (http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com)

  • Use a personal firewall program (such as ZoneAlarm)

Did you know there are free wireless connections around town and also on campus if you're a student?

To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions please e-mail or call us at 530-758-0784.