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Viruses and spywares exist within the Internet. We highly recommend our clients to install some form of protection for their computer(s). After reviewing many antivirus products out in the market, Baytel has decided to recommend Grisoft Anti-Virus as our product of choice. We choose AVG for it's quick installation and low resource requirement in the computer. Purchase AVG now in the below link.

If your computer is already infected by a pesky virus you please contact us for advice. Don't try to pull the thorn out by yourself.

Update: 5/20/10
Beware of fake websites and fake antivirus software!

From our experience of troubleshooting infected computers, it appeared that systems are getting infected may have contacted the spyware/virus in any of the below ways.

1) A pop-up shows up and the user inadvertently clicks on it instead of just closing the pop-ups.
2) The user clicks on a link in an e-mail which, the e-mail itself is masking as a legitimate website. So when the user clicks on the link it is actually and acceptance to install spyware/virus into the system.
These e-mails look very legitimate like they come directly from Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. In actuality they are “faker” websites posing as legitimate ones. An example would be you receive an e-mail from Facebook or a friend that has a Facebook account with a link in it. You click into a link which you thought goes to Facebook. You type in your Facebook username and password. Little did you know, you just gave the hackers your username and password. Eventhough you were able to log into Facebook successfully!

Our Advice: As a precaution all users should not click on any links inside an email unless you really, really know it’s a legitimate. If you think your account (Facebook, Yahoo…) has been compromised, change your password immediately. If you get popup, close them immediately by clicking on the top right red X. Never click on a “No” button in a popup, advertisement. The “No” could also be a “Yes” in the virus world. Never purchase an Antivirus/Antispyware software from a popup. Never click on a popup that says “you’re infected click here to clean” unless you know it’s coming from your legitimate antivirus software. Don't give out your e-mail password on any other websites. Unfortunately hackers are able to trick antivirus software from

AVG Anti-Virus 1 computer (1 year) $34.99
AVG Anti-Virus 1 computer (2 years) $51.99
AVG Internet Security 1 computer (1 year) $54.99
AVG Internet Security 1 computer (2 years) $79.99
AVG Email Server Edition 10 mailboxes (2 years) $344.99
AVG Internet Security SBS Edition 10 computers (2 years) $883.99
AVG Anti-Virus SBS Edition 10 computers (2 years) $635.99